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Fall Roofing Pro Tips with a Maryville Roofer

Cooler temperatures providean ideal opportunity for your Maryville Roofers to ensure that your home or business is not a casualty to any preventable roof repair damage, and/or excessive energy expenses this winter. We suggest a routine roofing inspection twice per year, and after a major storm that brings damage to your area. Fall is a great time for a roofing inspection, as it provides ample time and desired temperatures to complete any needed roof repair or replacement issues before winter arrives. Here are a few pro tips or friendly reminders to get you started.

Complete a standard evaluation of the roofing system and all of its components. Hiring a professional Maryville roofing company to conduct this inspection will provide assurance and peace of mind that this examination has been performed correctly. Roofers know how to maneuver on top of your roof in a safe, low risk manner, while knowing exactly what issues and critical components to look for.

Keep your GUTTERS CLEAN! After your roofing system has been properly inspected by a Maryville Roofing specialist, it's additionally critical to periodically check for accumulated leaves and debris that may have gathered in the gutters, downspouts, and valleys. Monitoring thisduring the fall season and all throughout the year will help you avoid any damages that can occur from a blocked drainage system.

Removing any dead tree limbs, big branches and trees leaning towards your home or business will help prevent costly damage and repairs that can arise from inclement weather. Your home or business should be cleared at least 10 feet away from your roofline as a rule of thumb.

Roofing inspections are a critical part of owning a home or business and are often overlooked, ignored and/or avoided. Barnett Roofing is proud to serve the Maryville, Oak Ridge and Knoxville communities and businesses. Call us today at (865) 936-6959 for a free estimate.

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November 1, 2018
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