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Barnett Roofing ImagesBeing a roofing company for many years we have had the pleasure of restoring many homes back to safety. Aside from the unforeseen weather storms that shift everything, A lot of the roof damage we see has been gradual. A shingle gets loose, then falls off. Months or even years go by and water has gotten under more shingles causing them to fall off. Next thing you know the under roofing layers are weekend and then is where you start to see rot, and/or holes in your roof. This may sound like a lot, but when you think about it things that are old break down! For one your roof is not meant to last forever. Two, there are somethings that will cause your roof to wear down faster than it should. Last, as your Oak Ridge roofers, we are here to fix it all. Let us dig in more about your roof.

Most people these days have asphalt shingles and they can last anywhere from 20-30 years. Yes, that is a long time, but that 20 to 30 years is with maintaining it and avoiding major storm events. On the other hand, dont think your roof is safe just because it has not hit the 20-30 year milestone. It can still be compromised. Therefore, any home that has not had a regular roof inspection could have damage right now.

Weather is by far the number one enemy to your roof. It is built to withstand a lot, but certain things will cause damage every time. Hail is one of those things. It might not happen that often, but when it does you should be on the lookout. Small little pellet size hail is ok if your roof has not already be compromised, but Im talking about anything larger than a quarter. That is where the damage starts. With that said you can imagine what a golf ball or baseball size can do to your house? That may sound outrageous, but those sizes happen more often than you think. Since Hail doesnt cause unmistakable damage like a big hole in the roof or a missing shingle it might be hard to detect. You must be thinking, How come large hail does not equal noticeable damage? Well, this is because it presents itself as impact marks or indents on your roof. To the untrained eye, it might look like dirt or just an indentation, but experienced roofers know the difference and can spot hail damage.They then measure the impact marks to determine how much damage hail has done and put the plan in motion

There are a lot of ways your roof can get damaged, but the most important thing is to be proactive when it comes to home maintenance and safety. Schedule a roof inspection and let us take care of you! Your roof is the first line of defense and if thats not safe your stuff wont be safe and more importantly you wont be safe.

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